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Red Ox Distillery is all about the art behind making alcohol. We strive to mix the history and culture of old distilling into our drinks while adding a modern, American twist. We not only use high quality products, but also heirloom products native to the state of Missouri. By doing all of this, we will enhance both the quality of the product and the cultural experience of tasting something unique to the area. 


Red Ox Music Fest 2024

We are Excited to announce the annual Red Ox Music Fest will be held on June 29th in Jefferson City, Mo at the Capitol Bluffs event center. The festival sold out last year. Make sure you get your tickets today! Click the link below to order tickets and see more details about the event.

Missouri Spirits Expedition

Interested in seeing distilleries across Missouri? Take a look at the Missouri Spirits Expedition. It's a great way to see a lot of Missouri's distilleries and earn rewards doing it! Click the Expedition logo below to learn more.

Red Ox Store

Take a look at our new products in the Red Ox online store. We are regularly offering new products. If you have any suggestions of products you would like to see, feel free to contact us using our contact page.

Other News

Check Red Ox out on Facebook or Instagram to see all of our regular updates and news! 

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