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Our Products

We  make unique, high quality spirits.  We strive to mix the history and culture of old distilling into our drinks while adding a modern, American twist. If there are any products you would like to see us make, reach out to us using the contact page or email. You can also reach out to us on Facebook. 


You are about to take a drink of culture forged by the Old World. The ingredients in this legendary drink took mankind generations to perfect. Its creation involved conquerors like Alexander the Great and warriors of the Crusades. After generations of selective breeding, farmers were able to cultivate the lemon varieties we have today. Even though there are records of a lemon drink with honey and alcohol from 17th century France, most legends give credit to the Italians for the invention of this delicious drink. We have taken great care to respect the traditions of the Old World while also adding our own Modern Missouri twist. We hope you enjoy this drink as much as we did creating it for you!

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All of our citrus fruits are hand- peeled to ensure we are only obtaining the zest and not the white pith. We use the zest alone for its pure and intense flavor, and we avoid the bitterness that comes from the pith. Limes are amazing fruits that have shaped history. They were crucial in the expansion of the British Empire to help sailors avoid scurvy. The British were so dependent on limes, many Americans called the sailors “limeys,” because of the numerous limes they kept on their ships. Limes are actually one of the few fruits we harvest before they ripen. When a lime ripens, it will often look confusingly similar to a lemon. We hope you enjoy our hand-crafted drink and are able to enjoy many happy memories with this liquor



his is the fruit that makes people wonder, “Which came first, the color or the fruit?” It is the fruit that has been referenced in records for over 2000 years. From inspiring the Dutch royal family to adopt orange as the royal color/fruit, to later representing the protestant denomination of the Christian faith, the orange has played a pivotal role in society, war, and commerce. The Spanish saw the importance of oranges and planted them in the New World to help with scurvy, thus later helping to start the large orange groves in Florida and California that the United States utilizes heavily today. We hope you enjoy our Orangecello and find inspiration in your palate, just as the fruit inspired the name of the color and the many orange foods we have today.


Almond Liqueur

The almond has played a huge spiritual and financial role throughout the ages. In Hebrew, the word for almond is “shakied,”which means “watchful”. In the Old Testament book of Jeremiah, the almond tree is used as a symbol of God’s watchfulness. Another biblical reference is in the book of Exodus, where a menorah was to be fashioned in the likeness of almond blossoms. 


Today, almonds are one of the biggest cash crops in California, producing over 80% of the world’s almonds. We hope you enjoy this unique almond drink that is like no other.


Lavender Liqueur

Arguably the most influential flower throughout history next to roses, lavender has been

used in many ways: the Egyptian burial process,

Victorian-era decor and perfume, an agent against

the Black Death, and wound care during the world wars. Please enjoy this drink that showcases a flower that shaped history as we know it.


Experiment One

For those who dare to have a taste in luxury, we present Red Ox Distillery Experiment One. With a mash bill heavy on Missouri corn, red wheat, roasted barley, and local honey. It’s aged with four different woods, from three different continents. The rare amburana wood, a Brazilian oak, adds a unique spice note. Buttery on the nose, light and smooth mouth feel with buttery tones on the front and spice on the back. Take it over the top and smoke it for an unforgettable experience.

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